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Finger Millet: A Basic Part of Tamil Tradition

In Tamil Nadu, finger millet is called “Kurakkan.”(குரக்கன்) or “Keraikadan” (கேரிகடன்) It’s not just a healthy grain there. It’s really important in Tamil culture, used a lot in farming, cooking, and even in religious ceremonies. There’s evidence that people in Tamil Nadu have been growing finger millet for more than 3,000 years. We know this […]

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Discovering How Tamil Kings Traveled the World: Their Adventures in Trade and Diplomacy Long Ago

Tamil kings were very powerful and did a lot of trading, talking with other countries, and fighting battles. Because of this, they traveled to many different places long ago. Here are some old writings that show where they went: In Southeast Asia, Tamil kings, especially from the Chola dynasty, had important trade links by sea […]